Average height and weight of Miss America paegant winners:

5 feet 6 and a half inches, 121 pounds

Source: Columbus Dispatch, 1/20/2006

  Average age of Miss America paegant winners since 2000:

22.6 years
The youngest winner in history, Marian Bergeron, was 15 when she won in 1933. The oldest winners - Colleen Hutchins (1952), Debra Maffett (1983), and Marjorie Vincent (1991) -were all 25 when they won.
Source: Columbus Dispatch, 1/20/2006

  Former Miss America's who claim to have had sex with Bill Clinton:

Elizabeth Ward Gracen (1982)
Gracen allegedly slept with Clinton in 1983 while he was Arkansas Governor.
Source: Miami Herald, 4/26/1998

  What John Kerry said about George Bush when he ran for President against Al Gore in 2000:

"The entire Miss America contest is a dilemma for the Republican nominee. On the one hand, he was shocked to find out there are 50 states. On the other hand, he loves the fact that America still prizes looks over brains."

Source: USN&WR, 10/30/2000