Sheryl Crow's first big gig:

Backup singer for Michael Jackson
Crow was a backup singer for Jackson's 1987-88 Bad tour. She would sing backup for George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, and Rod Stewart (among others) before the release of her first album in 1994.
Source: "The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll" 3rd ed. (Fireside), 1/1/2001

  Museums devoted to glasses:

British Optical Association Museum, London
According to the Wall Street Journal, the museum has one of the largest collections of optical glasses in the world, and gets about 600 visitors annually.
Source: The Wall Street Journal , 4/6/2006

  Location of The Superman Museum:

Metropolis, Illinois
Metropolis, a southern Illinois town of 6,500 inhabitants, also boasts a 3 ton bronze statue of Superman, an annual festival to celebrate him and a newspaper called The Planet.
Source: The York Dispatch, 11/22/2004