Origin of the Beatles' band name:

Discarded name of Buddy Holly's band the Crickets
According to Dolgins' Rock Names, "the Beetles" was a name originally used by Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The Beatles adopted the name, albeit with a slightly fractured spelling, in homage to Holly.
Source: USA Today, 6/4/1993

  Number of women Hugh Hefner lives with simultaneously:

Hefner, 79, currently lives with 3 women (down from 7 in 2004), none older than thirty. "It's like if you were single and dating three different women and instead of seeing each one on a different day of the week, you saw all three on the same day", Hefner says.
Source: Hollywood Reporter, 8/5/2005

  Number of times Hugh Hefner has been arrested:

In June 1963, Hefner was arrested in Chicago after Playboy published pictures of Jayne Mansfield. The trial resulted in a hung jury.
Source: Palm Beach Post, 4/9/2001

  Hugh Hefner's girlfriend from 1966-74 :

Barbie Benton
When they first meet, Benton told Hefner, "Youíre a nice person, but Iíve never dated anyone older than 24." Hefner responded, "Thatís o.k. Neither have I."
Source: Halberstam, The Fifties, 1/1/1900