Number of songs the Brown Thrasher bird can sing:


Source: DON STAP, Birdsong, a Natural History, 6/25/2005

  Person named as composer of the song "Chopsticks":

Arthur de Lulli
The name was actually a pseudonym for a 16-year old girl named Euphemia Allen, who composed the famous piano exercise in 1877.
Source: The Australian, 2/14/2005

  Girl who was the inspiration for the song "Barbara Ann":

Barbara Ann Fassert
The song was written about Fassert by her brother, and became a hit for the Regents in 1961. The Beach Boys re-recorded it in 1966.
Source: People, 2/13/1995

  Girl who was the inspiration for the 1979 song "My Sharona":

Sharona Alperin
The song was named after Sharona Alperin, a student at LA's Fairfax High who was the girlfriend of a member of The Knack. She's now a real estate broker in LA.
Source: Los Angeles Times, 11/21/2001