Original name of Bo Derek:

Mary Cathleen Collins
Mary Cathleen Collins was going under the stage name Bo Shane when she met actor/director John Derek on Mykonos in 1974.
Source: Washington Post, 5/24/1998

  What actress Helen Hunt named her daughter:

Makena lei
Hawaiian for "the many flowers of heaven."
Source: Entertainment Weekly, 3/18/2005

  What magician Penn Jillette named his son:

Moxie CrimeFighter
Of his child's name, Jillette said, "When she's pulled over for speeding, she can say, 'But officer, we're on the same side: My middle name is CrimeFighter."
Source: People , 6/20/2005

  What Rachel Griffiths (of "Six Feet Under") named her son:


Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia), 7/12/2005