First food program on television:

Elsie Presents: James Beard in "I Love to Eat!'
On Aug. 30, 1946, "Elsie presents James Beard in I Love to Eat!" debuted, a 15-minute program about food sponsored by Borden (hence the 'Elsie' the Cow reference) and hosted by foodie James Beard. The show was cancelled after one season.
Source: Chatanooga Times, 5/23/1996

Photo: Library of Congress
First Saturday morning kid's programming on network TV:

August 19, 1950
On August 19, 1950, ABC became the first network to air Saturday morning television shows for children, debuting "Animal Clinic", which featured live animals, and a variety show called "Acrobat Ranch", which had a circus theme. The latter show, hosted by Jack Stillwell ("Uncle Jim"), featured two young acrobats named Tumbling Tim and Flying Flo, and children competing in games and stunts.
Source: Libarary of Congress, 8/19/2007

Photo: Steavenbgill (July 10, 2007 flickr)
Philadelphia invents the "Eyewitness News" format:

August 30, 1965
On August 30, 1965, KYW-TV in Philadelphia debuted Eyewitness News, abandoning the practice of a solitary newscaster reading the news in favor of individual correspondents directly delivering news stories.
Source: Philadelphia Tribune, 9/10/1998