Elton John celebrates his 60th birthday at Madison Square Garden:

March 25, 2007
It was John's 60th concert at Madison Square Garden.
Source: Chicago Tribune, 3/26/2007

  Elton John breaks the Grateful Dead's record for most concerts at Madison Square Garden :

November 28, 2001
On November 28, 2001, Elton John played his 53rd concert at New York's Madison Square Garden, breaking the Grateful Dead's record of 52 performances at the arena.
Source: Daily News, 11/29/2001

  Number of minutes Elton John left the stage during a Nov. 26, 2006 Australian concert because he had to vomit:

At a Nov. 26, 2006 concert in Brisbane, Australia, Elton John was about to launch into Crocodile Rock when he became ill. He rushed off the stage to vomit, leaving guitarist Davey Johnstone to perform an impromptu 5 minute solo. When John returned, he told the audience that "I thought I'd better chunder in the toilet than all over the front row."
Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia), 11/27/2006