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Sales of the fifth top-selling U.S. album in 2007:

According to Neilsen Soundscan, sales of "Daughtry" by Chris Daughtry were 2,497,000 in 2007.
Source: The Tennessean, 1/4/2008

1923 still from one of the earliest Our Gang comedies
Release of the third Little Rascals film:

Nov. 5, 1922
The first Little Rascals film to be made, called "Our Gang", was released by Hal Roach on Nov. 5, 1922, and involved a show staged by the Rascals to lure customers back to a store owned by a widowed mother. Though "Our Gang" was the first episode to be made, release was delayed for unknown reasons, and two Little Rascal films preceded its release. No prints of "Our Gang" are known to exist.
Source: Our Gang, Leonard Maltin, 1/1/1900

  Total sales of jazz albums in 2004:

18.8 million

Source: Nielsen Soundscan (reported in Billboard), 1/15/2005

  Total sales of Christian and Gospel albums in 2004:

43.4 million

Source: Nielsen Soundscan (as reported in Billboard), 1/15/2005