Number of people who watched the 2009 Academy Awards:

36.3 million
The number of viewers is about 4 million more than 2008, but still the third-lowest viewership since the Awards were first televised.
Source: USA Today, 2/25/2009

  Number of times sound mixer Kevin O'Connell has been nominated for an Oscar:

On Feb. 24, 2008, the veteran sound mixer failed to win the statue for the 20th time, the longest losing streak in Oscar history.
Source: The Times (London), 2/23/2008

  Last time before 2008 that Oscars for Best Actor and Actress and Best Supporting Actor and Actress all went to Europeans:

In 2008, Javier Bardem of Spain won Best Supporting Actor for No Country for Old Men; Tilda Swinton of England won Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton; Marion Cotillard of France won Best Actress for La Vie en Rose; and Daniel Day-Lewis of England won Best Actor for There Will Be Blood.
Source: St. Petersberg Times, 2/26/2008

  Length of the shortest acceptance speech at the 2008 Oscars:

12 seconds (Alexandra Byrne, Costume Design)

Source: Associated Press, 2/25/2008