Only James Bond film starring George Lazenby:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Source: Newsday, 11/17/2002

  Fifth James Bond film :

You Only Live Twice
In this 1967 release, Bond goes to Japan to stop a plot to launch a stolen rocket ship.
Source: Newsday, 10/17/2005

  Fourth James Bond film:

In this 1965 release, Bond has to stop a plot to fire a pair of atomic missiles. Claudine Auger plays the Bond girl named Domino.
Source: Newsday, 11/17/2002

  Third James Bond film:

The 1964 release pits Bond against a plot to destroy Fort Knox. The villian's name is Goldfinger, the Bond girl the inimitable Pussy Galore.
Source: Newsday, 11/17/2002