Most common final score in NFL history (as of Dec. 8, 2008):

According to ESPN Magazine, the most common final score in NFL history through Dec. 8, 2008 was 20-17, which was the final score in 210 NFL games, followed by 17-14, the final score in 162 games, 27-24 (152 games), 13-10 (142 games), 24-17 (121 games), 24-14 (120 times), 24-21 (117 times), 16-13 (116 times), 23-20 (115 times) and 17-10 (112 times)
Source:, 12/29/2008

  Number of players in modern NFL history to play 17 games in one season:

On Jan. 3, 2010, Eagles linebacker Will Witherspoon became only the fifth player in modern NFL history to play in 17 regular season games in one season. Witherspoon was traded from the Rams to the Eagles in midseason, and managed to play in 17 games because of bye weeks. The others to play 17 games in one season: Jerry Rice in 2004 (he was traded from the Raiders to the Seahawks), and Micah Ross in 2004 (7 with the Chargers, 10 with the Panthers), Dexter Carter in 1995 (10 with the 49ers, 10 with Jets) and Chris Singleton in 1993 (8 with the Patriots, 9 with Dolphins).
Source: Associated Press, 1/4/2010

  NFL record for least possession time for a winning team in an NFL game:

14 minutes, 53 seconds
On September 21, 2009, the Indianapolis Colts beat the Dolphins, 27-23, despite having possession of the ball for only 14 minutes, 53 seconds of the game. According to Elias Sports Bureau, that is the least time of possession for any team that won a game since the league first began tracking the statistic in the 1970s.
Source:, 9/22/2009

  Number of players in NFL history to score at least one touchdown on a fumble recovery, punt return, a blocked punt, and an interception:

1 (Ed Reed)

Source: Associated Press, 1/7/2009