A Homeowner’s Guide to Electric Gate Maintenance


Have you ever heard that ‘good fences make good neighbors?’ Well, even a great fence won’t help you unless you have an equally great gate. Electric gates use sturdy manufacturing and state-of-the-art technology to keep your home and property secure. However, these gates do require a little care and attention. Let things slide and you may be looking up electric gate repair in Los Angeles before you know it.

Here’s what you need to know about gate maintenance:

Get Your Gate Properly Installed

As you know, proper installation by an experienced company is key for a secure property. This is also an invaluable ‘step zero’ to maintenance. Electric gates that are securely installed, correctly connected to the power grid, etc. are far less likely to develop problems later.

Keep Your Gate Clean and Clear of Brush

An electronic gate is sometimes vulnerable to parts getting jammed. If a storm blows through your area, take a moment the next day to look over your gate. Do you see leaves and sticks blown into the mechanism or plastered against any sensors or keypads? Clear them away now and fend off problems down the line.

On a related note, nearby trees, bushes, and tall grass may impact the function of your gate. Roots can grow under the fence, eroding its integrity. Sticks and leaves may get caught in moving parts. Insects may be attracted to the plants and then get crushed when the gate opens, impairing sensors. Save yourself a financial headache and keep everything trimmed clear.

Take Security Seriously

Be careful who you give entry codes or security fobs to. Talk to family members about this issue as well. Nefarious types could use that information to short circuit your security systems including your electric gate. They could change codes, damage delicate electronics, or render the gate entirely unusable. A badly damaged gate may need to be replaced entirely.

While you’re at it, make sure your security system is up to date. If you suspect someone has gained access, have those codes changed immediately.

Be Proactive About Problems

Does your gate squeal during use? Does it take a few seconds to start moving, when things used to be instant? Do you struggle to get an entry keypad to respond?

The longer you ignore these issues, the worse problems you face. If something changes, call for electric gate repair in Los Angeles. These professionals can get your electric gate sorted out in no time.

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