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Equity Finance and Tax Services is a financial firm that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Equity Finance and Tax Services provides credit restoration, audit, maximum tax returns, and financial consulting. Equity Finance and Tax Services number one priority is customer service and assisting clients to get their financial life on track. Equity Finance and Tax Services constantly educate clients on the process of raising their credit score, rebuilding credit, debt settlement and dealing with debt collectors. This financial company believes that education is the key to restoring your credit. Equity Finance and Tax Services has assisted hundreds of clients with getting the things they want and desire in life. This financial company has the knowledge and professional expertise you need when it comes to dealing with creditors, collectors, and credit bureaus, you need experience, knowledge and be able to understand the laws. Equity Finance and Tax Firm have removed thousands of negative items on clients credit reports and have also assisted clients in getting approved for car loans with low APR, mortgages, apartments, and student loan relief.

What Makes them different?

It is possible and very common for you to think why you should opt for their services and that is normal. If you are wondering what makes different, we have listed out some of the highlights that you personally need to have knowledge about.

  • The pivotal focus of this company is to bring back the financial stability of their clients which they lost throughout
  • The employees and the experienced professionals in this do this by constantly keeping themselves aligned and informed about the ways of raising the credit score, rebuilding the credit and even looks after the prospect of debt settlement if required
  • Their main factor that makes them different from the rest is the fact that they believe that education is the only way to keep yourself involved about the situation and rise out of it well

Why you should rely on them?

Given that we did state of what makes them a different brand, you must be inquisitive as to why you should entrust them with your finances.

Apart from the fact that they have a very reputable team of experienced professionals working for them, you are also assured to get the best hands on assistance about your finances and management that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

They have the expertise and the experience in this field, helping their clients learns the little knick knacks involved in this to overcome and get a better grip over the situation.

Apart from that, they are also experienced in providing you with direct disputes with the creditors as well as the collectors with no additional charge as such.

Keeping that aside, the one factor that makes them one of the best organizations to rely on is because of the no-risk fund policy. Given that they believe in providing with a 100% customer satisfaction, they believe to not take any chances if the results aren’t delivered. If you are not happy with the service from the prior month, they will refund the entire amount without hesitation.

Last but not the least that makes this a good option for you to invest your time and money is because they offer free consultation. This allows you to get a glimpse into their services before you actually do end up taking up their services.

All in all, the Equity Finance And Tax Services is one of the best places to get your finances and funds in check. You can consult them with your financial disputes and leave it to them to handle the shortcomings effectively.


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