For how long would you be entitled to receiving EEOICPA Benefits? 


You may have been diagnosed with cancer or serious medical condition occurred due to exposure to radiation, heavy metal, or harmful chemicals. However, to become eligible for the benefits offered by the energy employees occupational illness compensation act, you should have been an employee under the Department of Energy when you were diagnosed with the problem. 

Now that you have become eligible for benefits offered by the EEOICPA for cancer caused due to exposure to radiation while working under the Department of Energy, you may wonder for how long you would be entitled to receiving the benefits. 

Let us delve on the duration for which you would be eligible for receiving the benefits under the EEOICPA. 

You should rest assured that your ability to gather free EEOICPA home health care would be based on your eligibility to receive the benefits offered by the act. After filing the essential paperwork and seeking the necessary approval from the Department of Labor, you would become eligible for receiving the in-home health care benefits. 

However, it would not be wrong to suggest that the benefits would not be permanent. The approval would be granted for six months and should be renewed after the expiry. You should not fret with the idea of renewal. You could hire the services of an attorney to guide you through the process. The attorney would assist you in updating the medical information from your treating physician. The attorney would also help you in dealing with every step of the process. 

You would not be required to suffer due to work-related illnesses. You would be provided adequate home health care benefits. A trained nurse or a healthcare professional would be at your behest round the clock to cater to your specific needs. You would be given the option to choose the one suitable for you. 


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