Have A Plan To Find Profitable Products To Sell And Make Passive Income


Whether it is eBooks, software or other digital products you are selling, be opened to other products that you may make profit from including mobile apps, web apps, music videos, videos, photos with beautiful scenes, banner ads, thumbnails for Youtube videos, etc. When you are very knowledgeable about a particular topic or in an industry, depending on your information organization skill, you may write a course or have the course converted into a video series. These are simply some of the digital product ideas that directly came out from any ordinary people’s head. But there are other ways when determining exact what to sell.

Your website may have been built through WordPress software which is hosted on a paid web hosting service in which you are paying an annual fee. You will have to manage and maintain all the plugins that have ever been installed on your WordPress site. In another case, you may have launched your site through Shopify (which is a website builder used by many e-shop owners) and you won’t have to take care of any of the hosting work. Not all e-shop owners hosting their websites on Shopify are selling their own designed products. They may be selling with the dropshipping model where they buy specific products with lower cost from suppliers, and re-sell the products with higher cost to their own customers.

Actually, you may want to use this best Shopify spy tool to find out exactly what products other owners are selling while they are making a big profit out of these items. You may have found out quickly that they are selling items in some of these categories (or niches): Personal finance, self-improvement, pet care, online dating, fitness and health, and more.

Many people who are still on “employee status” may have their dreams of starting a passive income on the side while keeping their day jobs. For the lucky ones, it may take a few months to get their side project going. For others, it may take longer, sometimes up to 2-3 years. The first important thing psychologically to consider is to be able to enjoy this seemingly initial tough period of time. Launching your product (or products) on a platform like WordPress or Shopify is just one part. For the other part to take off, it may take you your weekend hours to actually plan and blog. Before you blog, you will have to do a lot of researches on the topics and products you’re going to write.

Before being able to bring visitors to your site and blog consistently, you will have to start with optimizing your site and blog through SEO. You will have to regularly visit the forums that are specific to the niche of your products, or wherever your potential customers spend time hanging out. When you do that, you will be able to gather important information about what your potential customers need, their pain points, etc. The key is being able to gather a group of initial customer base, and then grow from there.


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