How to Buy Bitcoin with Chime Bank?

Can you name the fastest-growing bank in United States? If you don’t know the answer then you need to know that is Chime Bank. The Bank is popular as a lot of attractive features are there given by this bank to its customers like clean mobile interface and there is absolutely no charge for that. If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin, then Chime instant transfer is one of the best methods for that. The buying and selling of the Bitcoin will be completely safe and secured. First of all, we need to understand completely what Chime, then only we can approach for this bank for any work.


What is Chime?

Chime is a mobile only bank which was established in 2013. You will be surprised to know that it has actually not physical branch anywhere. This is a mobile bank which makes the task of the people easier. You need not to worry about monthly fees of overdraft fees if you are with Chime. The Chime app is also available for the users of iOS and android. They can use this mobile banking and solve their financial problems easily. If you want to get more details about Chime, you can click on this link,


How to buy Bitcoin with Chime Bank?

You can buy Bitcoin with the help of Chime bank and here is the process for that:

  • You are required to sign up and after that you will get the free Bitcoin wallet.
  • After getting the account, select mode of payment and specify the Bitcoin you are willing to purchase. Now search for the offers and click on that which suits your requirement.
  • You can start the trade if you are satisfied by the seller’s terms. Make payment after following the instructions of the seller.
  • Finally, the seller will release the Bitcoin in your Paxful wallet.

These are the easy steps with the help of which you can buy Bitcoins with Chime bank. The headquarters of Chime bank is situated in New York. If you too want to buy the bitcoins, then you can do it easily with the assistance of Chime bank.

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