How to use an SEO Blog to your advantage


Having an SEO optimized blog can make a person real money. Business owners who are in the 65% of people, who do not update their blog in the past year, do not make a solid attempt to take advantage of how to use SEO in a manner that can optimize your blog. 

There are four major steps in how to use SEO in a blog. The first step is to market the name of the blog with specific topics. The blog name determines how to reach an audience with each post because SEO keyword marketing helps you tailor your blog as a means to an end.

The second major step in how to use SEO is to relate the SEO to the URL while making sure you include the term “blog” in your URL structure just so that blog results can be reported better. 

The third step in how to use SEO blog includes having to integrate keywords that must be included in the title, the heading, subheading, the introductory sentence, the conclusion, anchor text in the form of a hyperlink and finally, title tags and meta descriptions.

A picture should have keywords but not to the point any sort of content besides a picture becomes unreadable. You have to optimize blog content with internal links to other blog pages. Linking one post to another related post can generate more readership as you find and fill in content gaps. 

The fourth major step in getting more readership for that blog of yours is to share blog posts on social media with a link to your blog on your Facebook page in order to keep your audience reading your blog. You have to keep your social media websites current and relevant to the situation.

Blogs require many links to spread around, especially if you reply to another person’s blog. That blog has a link to your blog. You have to give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog that has quality links, which are a valuable commodity. 

Social media will expand the reach of your blog posts since a small business needs to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media to get the word out. It is the work of SEO bloggers to post links relevant to your business.

Starting a small business requires patience in order to be able to run that small business. You have to maintain the upkeep with your blog in order to make any money blogging at all, which implies using images. You can also post video content on your blog if you have a YouTube page. 

SEO does not always require new content as you can recycle old content on your blog by adding internal links to the website pages that already exist. One blog page will thus lead to another one. Readers have the opportunity to subscribe to your blog because of quality links that make sense to you when you are marketing your blog by posting in it.

Images must be optimized for your blog by using BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, WebP, and SVG. Blogs need to be optimized using JPEG, which is really easy to upload. Social media can publicize your pictures, which in turn, would attract more readers to your blog.

Your post has to be peppered with major keywords in order to attract readers to one page that could be a result in the Search Engine Results Page, which is a page from a query brought on by a searcher using a keyword. You can find better ways of using search engine optimization to your advantage.


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