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The visa 457 is a great initiative taken by Australian and other overseas employers to sponsor skilled and qualified employees to work in Australia. They can work on a temporary basis for period of 4 years. The employees who are granted 457 visas are allowed to bring any family member who also has study rights and unrestricted work rights in Australia. 

They can frequently travel to and from Australia as frequently as they want. Employees in Australia, who are holders of 457 Visa might not apply for a permanent residency and try settling in the country for a longer tenure.

Working of 457 Visa Application

Under the subclass visa programme of 457, overseas or Australian employers who are not able to find potential qualified candidates from the Australian market can sponsor qualified employees, usually with the help of a standard business sponsorship set up. For this purpose, the employer needs to apply to the Border Protection or Department of Immigration. This is  how visa 457 works.

As an alternative, an employer could make an arrangement for a labor agreement with the government of Australia to permit the recruitment of overseas laborers. These are usually used for some special labor market situations which have not been covered under standard business sponsorship provisions.

The various stages of application are:


  • Sponsorship: The employer has to apply for approval as a standard business sponsor and then required to nominate an occupation for 457 Visa.
  • Nomination: The employer has to nominate an occupation for a current 457 visa holder or for a prospective one. They are supposed to submit this nomination, as their application to be a standard business sponsor.
  • Visa Application: The qualified worker, who is selected for the nominated occupation, then applies for 457 Visa.


Important things to remember before an employer, applies for subclass 457 visa

The applicant should meet these several clearly defined requirements before they plan to submit their application for visa:

  • Should have a satisfactory health insurance
  • Should have an employer who has agreed to sponsor him/her for a well-qualified position
  • The applicant should be well versed with standard English language proficiency
  • Should qualify for any registration or licenses as needed by the nominated qualified position.
  • Should not have any kind of previous criminal record
  • Should be able to prove that they have the experience, characteristics and skills which are necessary for nominated qualified position

This is the checklist of various compulsory documents required for applying 457 Visa


  • Any person who sponsors an applicant for 457 Visa is required to deliver the required documentation in order to submit the application.
  • Any person who wants to apply for a 457 visa has to do the submission of the documentation along with their application
  • Any person who wants to nominate a worker as part of the visa application is needed to deliver the documentation for submitting the application.


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