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Investment is one of the best ways to grow your money, and technology has made investments even more accessible. Decades ago, you would have needed to call your stockbroker and financial firm to make changes to your portfolio. These days, you only need to log on to a website that manages investment portfolios and send instructions to your manager.

You can gain more from your investment with the help of a portfolio management company. One of the global investment firms that can help in managing your money is Landmark Financial Japan. It’s a firm that has been open a long time for clients located in other parts of the world, so you can invest even in the comfort of your home.

When you have a lot of things to think about, and you don’t have the time to take care of your investment, you can get a company to manage it.

Landmark Financial Japan Service Plans

If you intend to have an investment in the financial firm, then you can take advantage of the many plans they have available for their clients. You don’t need to pay a fee to open an account in Landmark Financial. The 5,000 USD is the minimum investment for any of the service plans that they offer.

There are three plans currently being offered by the Landmark Financial Japan:

Plan A

The first plan is an open contract plan with a lot of flexibility. Plan A has no fee for account opening fee, performance fee, and withdrawal fee. There is no contract period so that you can stop at any time. The first plan has a 2 percent management fee and a 0.25 percent commission per transaction.

Plan B

The second plan is designed with the principle of being charged only when the portfolio has generated profit. There is a contract period of a year to allow room for growth. Plan B doesn’t cost a management fee. There is a 0.25 percent commission per transaction and an 18 percent performance fee. The withdrawal fee is 2 percent of the net value of the asset subtracted by the management and performance fee. 

Plan C

The third plan offers a much lower performance and management fee. Plan C’s management fee is 1 percent charged annually, with a contract duration of at least one year. Like the other plans, it has a 0.25 percent commission per transaction, and there’s a 10 percent of the total profit performance fee. The withdrawal fee is similar to Plan B, where they charge 2 percent of the net value after subtracting the management and performance fee.

Final Thoughts

Getting a financial firm is a big decision, and you must entrust your investment in a company that knows the value of your money. Landmark Financial Japan has been in the industry for years, and it has a good reputation among clients and peers. If you want to get the highest profit possible, then you can try to open a free account with them.



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