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Africa has some of the largest reserves and deposits of minerals and precious metals on the planet. However, the same continent is often connected with poverty and lack but the good news is that help is coming from an unexpected quarter – digital currency. Maningi Mines is the first digital currency that is directly linked to a physical business.

However, the uniqueness of Maningi Mines does not stop there. Their plan is to incorporate effective corporate social responsibility in their model of business and this will translate into changing the lives of so many people all over Africa and wherever their mines are located.

The motto for Maningi Mines is ‘creating jobs one coin at a time’ and that is actually very true. By taking part in their ICO, investors are not just adding value to their money, they are also creating a lot of jobs in the communities that will be hosting all the mines of Maningi.

The prospects of success for this brand are great indeed. They are going to be focusing on some of the most valuable minerals and precious metals on the planet. They include gold, diamond, copper, coal, manganese, and anthracite and to sweeten the deal, mines will be located in mineral-rich South Africa where reserves are worth a staggering $2.5 trillion. Investing in Maningi Mines ICO is really going to be a responsible decision for anyone who really wants to make the world better – and also make some money while at it. If there is anything that one should really invest in, then it is in this beautiful concept.

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