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Everyone wants to find the secret to success. There are many ways to become successful, regardless of industry or practice. If you’re someone who’s just going into the real estate sector, you can take the pieces of advice from people who have succeeded.

Stratford Management Inc Seoul reviews the real estate tactics of a millionaire. These methods will help beginners get a start on investments. In this article, we will talk about Grahan Stephan’s strategies.

Real Estate Investment by Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan shares his expertise on how to invest in real estate. He started selling real estate properties when he was just 18 years old. At 18, he already sold $120 million worth of residential properties in Los Angeles, giving him about $2.5 million commission before taxes and other fees. 

Graham bought real estate properties in 2011 because the prices were so low at that time, and he knows that the prices will increase int the future. And he was right, and he made money with rental income, and as Stratford Management Inc Seoul recommends, he saved up and managed his wealth correctly. You can learn a lot from the things that he did.

Graham buys real estate property every year, using the following strategies: 

1. Negotiate

It’s a good practice to find every single property as soon as it hits the market, and choose one with a horrible listing, and negotiate for a low price and be the first one to deal with the buyer. You can also find properties that have been listed on the market for a long time and offer a low price.

2. Borrow Cheap Money

You can borrow cheap money to finance your investment with a fixed 30-year loan and an interest rate that is slightly above inflation.

3. Leveraging Money

To gain higher returns with your investment, find investment properties that offer high earning opportunities, like rental properties. Find a property with strong rental demand. 

4. Great Cashflow

Proper marketing, saving up until you find the perfect property, and anticipating how to break even if the market declines are crucial to maintaining a significant cashflow. 

5. Know to Break Even

You can invest in low-value properties that have great potential to increase in the future. If ever the price of the property goes down due to economic, political, and other factors, you’ll not lose any money because you brought the property at a relatively low price in the first place. 

6. Know Tax Advantages

Save money by understanding the tax impacts of a real estate property. It pays to research the local tax laws and how you can save money from them.

Final Thoughts

In the Stratford Management Inc Seoul review, Graham advises investors to take time to choose the property carefully, understanding its market value and limits. Know the upsides and downsides of the property and negotiate. Also, understanding entry-level price points and rental value of a property 30 years from now will help. These expert tips from a millionaire will help you in the long run. Exchange Review – One Of The Top 10 Exchanges in the World

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