The Best Guide to Buying Bitcoin


If you are looking to invest in bitcoin, the simplest way to amass it is to purchase it. But, before you ride the bitcoin rollercoaster, you must create an account with an exchange like Quebex, connect a credit card or bank account, and transfer money over. This process can take just minutes unless you pick an exchange that suffers from some kind of outage.

Where to Purchase Bitcoins

Usually, the easiest way to buy bitcoin is through an exchange. But, you can also look for someone local who wants to trade bitcoins for cash. If you operate an online business, you can accept bitcoin as a payment for goods or services. If you prefer to go the high finance route, you can engage in the biggest derivative exchange that makes it possible to trade in bitcoin features.

It is just important to keep in mind that each cryptocurrency and exchange has its own rules and protocols. A number of them usually require investors to verify their identity before buying and selling. Others enforce a limit to the amount of bitcoins you can buy. As the bitcoin price is fluctuating, how quickly Bitcoin is transferred from your account to your bitcoin wallet can vary depending on your chosen exchange and the payment type.

Fees Involved in Buying and Selling Bitcoins

While there are no inherent transaction costs with bitcoin, there are fees involved when buying and selling. In some exchanges fees fall into conversion and exchange fees that can add up to a certain percent of a transaction, depending on the nature of the transaction and the way you fund your account. Some exchanges may charge you a fee to transfer money in and out of your bank account.

Keeping your Bitcoin Safe

Are you trading lower amounts of bitcoin? If so, you may be fine using the wallet that your exchange offers or another software wallet. But, if you are trading big amounts, you must have a hardware wallet that has many complicated, encryption-related options. Paper wallets are also an option but this requires you to understand how digital currencies work. They can be generated using dedicated websites. Since they don’ take up a good deal of space, they can be stored easily. Also, desktop wallets are available but they not as prone to hacking as online wallets. You can access a desktop wallet through your private computer with personal security keys stored on the machine.


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