The Find The Right Accountant You Have Been Looking for

Besides word of mouth or Internet research, one of the easiest ways to find a certified public accountant is to contact the association of certified public accountants in your region. This also ensures that the expert or the firm are members: watch out for scams.

Criteria for choosing a chartered accountant

Here are the criteria you should keep in mind when choosing your accountant:

The quality of chartered accountant: in particular to verify, therefore, that the chartered accountant is indeed registered with the order mentioned above.

The price: the fees of chartered accountants are free and can differ widely. This is obviously a decisive criterion for many freelancers. You can go for the best expertise of an accountant for such works.

Availability: have an accessible accountant to answer questions and doubts.

  • Communication: in person? 
  • By telephone? 
  • By email? 

It is important to have clear and effective communication with your accountant.

Trust: being able to create a relationship of trust with your accountant or your firm is obviously essential! So do not throw yourself on the first comer and choose carefully.

The accounting firm is aimed at a wide variety of businesses of all types in order to assist them, advise them, and put their expertise at their service. The consequences of poor accounting management can be particularly harmful for the activity of a company, the accounting firm plays a key role. The choice of the firm is mainly based on the activity of the company and its status.

What is an accounting firm?

His role

The accounting firm is an essential partner for the entrepreneur. In addition to advice and assistance, it makes it possible to outsource accounting, to delegate the management of the fiscal, legal and social aspects of a business.

His obligations

The accounting firm must meet obligations both set by law and by the Professional Order of Chartered Accountants, a regulated profession. The ethics and the applicable deontology of the latter are governed by the Ordinance of September 19, 1945.

He has, among other things, a duty to advise, but also to alert, in particular in the event of decisions by the manager which may have a negative impact on the company.

Why use an accounting firm?

The services offered

The role of the accounting firm is not only to establish the accounts of the company. Its main missions are to keep and review the accounts, draw up annual balance sheets and prepare tax and social security declarations.

An accounting firm can also conduct an audit, carry out legal formalities on behalf of the business manager, in particular with regard to the creation, modification of the articles of association, takeover, or cancellation.

Accounting and financial management: what the law provides

The extent of its obligations in terms of accounting and financial management depends on the legal form of a company, its tax regime and the category to which it belongs.

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