What To Do If You’ve Been Contacted By Rossendales About A Debt


In England and Wales, Rossendales is considered as the giants of credit management and a mention of their does create an uproar. What drove my interest to know more about this company is curiosity. I was curious to know how they were able to have such a tremendous amount of success with debt recovery without any form of harassment on the side of the debtors.

But I discovered something unique! Unlike other debt recovery agency, there debt recovery process is flexible. This allows both parties to meet up with their promises as regards the debt recovery.

In the year 1972, Rossendales came into inception as a subgroup of Marston Holdings Limited and today, they can proudly boast of rendering debt services to other 150 clients across England and Wales.

Initially, they were subjected to take the place of local authorities in recovery debt. But that change in 2004, making it possible for Rossendales to switch to the business side of debt enforcement. Thereby offering their services to clients with businesses across England and Wales.

How does this company operate?

The operations of Rossendales debt collectors advice is quite simple, transparent and straightforward. From the information I was able to gather, they recover unpaid Council Tax, Non-Domestic Rates, child maintenance fee and many more, using flexible recovery process.

A good example of an encounter with them was with my case, where I had a default in the payment of child maintenance. The first thing I got from them was a Compliance Notice requesting me to either clear up my debt or make arrangements for installments in 7 days.

After these 7 days, another letter was issued and of course, this was different from the first. This second letter was a Notice of Enforcement which clearly stated that I should make payments immediately to avoid bailiff action.

What actions should I take if Rossendales starts coming after me?

Getting a compliance notice automatically means am indebted to either the government, public or private sector. In such a case, my first line of action would be to respond to their letter giving reasons why am yet to pay and how I will meet up with the payment.

If I don’t do any of these, I will release their wrath upon myself. They will take drastic actions by going to my earnings or benefits to taking money directly, make deductions from my bank, or even ahead with court action if none of these was futile.

The legal rights of Rossendales as a credit recovery company

  •         Being a regulated credit recovery company, Rossendales have the rights to charge me for every step taken towards recovering the debt from me. Which means, each step taken to recover the debt increases the amount of the debt.
  •         They have the right to send me a compliance notice, requesting for debt settlement within 7 days.
  •         In cases where other recovery actions were futile, they have the right to use liability orders to use bailiffs to sell my properties, take a specified amount from my wages, or make deductions from your benefits.

What are my legal rights as a debtor

  •         The 7 days period must elapse without a response from me before any action can be taken to recover debts from me.
  •         For no reason can the company make deductions from my account after giving a response as regards how payment would be made.

Rossendales being the best in England and Wales, my research as again proved that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with in the debt recovery industry.



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