Why Orelex is the Preferred Financial Services Platform


The financial services sector is a star performer in the world’s macro-economy. It constitutes approximately 70% of the market capitalization in one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world.  The industry was originally synonymous with the banking sector. Financial service organizations are under increased pressure to ensure transparency and accuracy for the sake of their profitability, reputation and longevity. Maintaining this accuracy and visibility can be a challenge.

Orelex Financial Services is a stop shop investment platform. It was founded in 2011 on the belief that open crypto technologies would replace the world’s closed, proprietary financial systems allowing everyone, everywhere to participate in an economy that’s fairer, more inclusive and more accessible.

 Orelex go beyond the ordinary to identify viable investments solutions in local and international markets, to meet the financial objectives of their Private Banking clients; working with outside the box thinking professionals, they create bespoke investment vehicles around their unique financial packages to meet the specific investment needs.

Features of Orelex Financial Services


  • Essential Portfolios: Automated, low-cost, low-minimum investment solution offering five goal-oriented ETF portfolios.
  • Selective Portfolios: A broader range of goal-oriented portfolios made up of mutual funds and ETFs, based on varying investment objectives and risk with ongoing rebalancing and monitoring.
  • Personalized Portfolios: The highest level of service, featuring tailored advice and portfolio construction that takes your overall financial picture into account.


Whether you’re an active trader or long-term investor the Orelex Financial Services web, mobile, and downloadable platforms give you everything you need to research stocks and cryptos, place trades, and manage your portfolio with access to live-streaming CNBC, real-time quotes and specialists with years of floor trading experience.

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