Why So Many Types Of Bank Cards?

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The bank card has completely transformed purchasing habits over the past ten years. Indeed, the check was the most used transaction method for decades, but it has been surpassed by the bank card since 2001. Now the card makes more than eleven billion transactions, a figure that continues to grow.

For a long time, the bank card participated in the revolution in consumption patterns. With the advent of online shopping and lower management fees, merchants are more inclined to accept this type of payment for small amounts. It facilitates the management of the cash registers and also secures the payments since it suffices to carry out the transaction to obtain the funds without any action on the part of the high risk merchant services providers.

Consequently, the bank card makes it possible to withdraw cash, just as it can pay a small amount but also used for a larger purchase. It fits in a smartphone pocket and follows its holder anywhere in the world. The reasons for its success can be explained not only on these practical criteria, but also because the digital world participates in the elimination of borders.

Understanding Bank Card Offers

Bank card offers whet the appetite of financial intermediaries because each transaction leaves a marketable data. Certain services are geared towards so-called “high-end” services such as booking concert tickets.

Others offer a point system as allowed by airlines where the holder is given a bonus per kilometer for each flight. In addition, credit cards include a variety of guarantees such as repatriation insurance or loss or theft of keys. The credit card is no longer content to simply offer a means of payment, it also offers advantages to attract more and more cardholders.

At What Price Can I Afford A Credit Card?      

The credit card costs its holder a membership, between a few pounds depending on the level of service offered and high risk merchants credit card processing. The most economical called Electron card facilitates expenditure management because it does not allow spending more than what the account has. For example, it is ideal for a child who is learning to manage his budget. However, be careful to check its acceptance in immediate payment systems (such as tolls and parking lots).

For a few years, Fintechs have been offering the payment card free of charge provided that they use it regularly. However, care must be taken at all times that its holder respects the rules at the risk of paying an additional fee.

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