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Though Cryptocurrency came into the market about a decade back, but its craze was not that much till the year 2017. Surprisingly, since the year 2017, it was found that the craze for cryptocurrency is on the rise and being encouraged, many traders came into the market and started trading in cryptocurrency. As a result, more crypto currencies came into the market and traders who once used to trade in forex and stocks, started thinking of trading in cryptocurrency as well. Keeping in tune with the market trends, many online brokers came into the market and started giving the necessary platform to the traders to deal with cryptocurrency.

If you are planning to explore the financial world and improve your financial potential by earning through trading in stocks and crypto currencies, you must find a good online broker. The broker must have necessary platform to trade in all sorts of crypto assets, but also provide the opportunity to trade in all sorts of assets including stocks, forex, options and also crypto assets. If you are looking for a reliable broker who can provide you with all the above facilities, then ETFinance is the best option to go for. The basic objective of this broker is to fulfil the financial goal of the trader so that he can accomplish his future goals to a great extent. With the assistance of their team of experts, they see that every investor can invest his financial capital quite intelligently so that he gets the maximum return on his investment.

Moreover, they offer a lot of tools so that each investor can invest with ease and get the desired return. is owned by a company named Magnum FX and is regulated under Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Hence it is very much safe to invest in this company as they are regulated by a strict Exchange Commission.

Advantages of investing through

  1. The traders are allowed to trade through two award winning platforms like MetaTrader and Webtrader. Both these platforms are very intuitive and highly operational and quite easy to use. With the help of these platforms, a trader can do trading at any time of the day either from his desktop computer or mobile phone.
  2. They provide professional tools for analysis using which, a trader can invest in a wide variety of assets including stocks and crypto currencies, based on his financial ability. If he has a lot of money to invest, he can invest in a portfolio and if he is a small investor, he can focus on a specific area or asset. These tools can guide him quite well on where he can invest his money or which area will be suitable for him as per his capacity.
  3. Our team of experts and customer support team are ready to assist the traders round the clock all 5 days a week. If they find any problem or have any query on investment, our experts will always help them over the phone.
  4. Another big advantage of investing through is that the investor or the trader will not have to pay any commission. He can earn profit on his entire investment capital.

One must understand that not all investors have the same capacity to trade. Each person has his own investment capacity and the need varies according to his capacity. Keeping this thing in mind, has options of opening different types of accounts. Each type has its type of features and the category of services is also selected accordingly.

The types of accounts have been described below – 

  1. Silver – This type of account is for the beginners who are entering into the world of trading. You can select from 62 pairs of currency, 15 indices in stock, crypto and costly metals and more. With our 24×7 support, you can trade in 750 assets with a minimum spread of 0.07 and a minimum leverage of 1:30. As stated earlier, there is also no commission for deposit money. You can also open an Islamic account with this account type. In a Islamic account, no debit or credit interest will be added to the amount. Since you are a newcomer, their experts will guide you at every step and with their training and support you will become an expert within a few months and improve your margins much better.
  2. Platinum – This account is for seasoned traders who have been doing trading for some time and have gained a little bit of experience. With your experience you can trade with the superb tools offered with this account type. With a spread of 0.03, you can play with a leverage of 1:400. You will get a dedicated account manager who will guide you at every step of your investment for full 10 hours from 10 AM to 8 PM. With the option for hedging, you will get a SWAP discount of 50% on the transactions. You will also get a free VPS.
  3. Gold – This is the highest type of account and is ideal for professional traders. You can trade with a minimum spread of 0.05 and a leverage of 1:400. Since this account involves a larger investment, the broker provides a dedicated accounts manager who can supervise your investment and if needed, can give necessary advice to diversify your portfolio. You will get access to their free videos and webinars and there is also the option of opening an Islamic account. With the option of hedging, you will get a SWAP discount of 25%. With the help of these tools, it will be easier for you to multiply your investments quite effortlessly.

Their user-friendly trading experience has attracted many traders from different parts of the globe. To add brand value to the company, the broker has become the official partner of Real Madrid basketball club, thus making it one of the trusted and reputed brokers in the market of online trading. Start investing with ETFinance and make your future more prosperous.

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